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  1. Invite nurses and AHP involved in managing or leading in the management of young people affected by interpersonal violence to build a growing network of expertise.

  2. Utilise our variety of experience and specialisms to learn from each other and build towards a principle of best-practice

  3. Engender a culture of sharing – discuss current and emerging pilots, projects and programmes

  4. An open forum for discussion of strengths and challenges. Encouragement of sharing our experiences as part of a safe, non-judgemental environment

  5. Encourage collaboration on projects both locally and across networks - including grant writing, funding bids, collaborative research studies.

  6. Lobbying for change within the NHS and National policy.

  7. A commitment to meeting every 12 weeks. 


The violence reduction nursing steering committee meets every 12 weeks. We aim to bring together a wealth of knowledge from nurses involved in the care of young people in the United Kingdom affected by interpersonal violence.
This meeting is an opportunity to bring together a wide spectrum nursing professionals who share a unique perspective and experience.
Violence Reduction is an emerging speciality and field of care; this forum is the perfect starting point to meet other healthcare professionals colleagues with an interest in this field.  

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