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The National Major Trauma Rehabilitation Group (NMTRG) brings together therapists from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. The group aims to use the wealth of clinical knowledge from its members to develop national rehabilitation guidelines, deliver education and pioneer research in the major trauma setting. 

The key Objectives of the group are:

To develop national benchmarked guidelines for the treatment of major trauma injuries and the holistic treatment of major trauma patients

To share understanding and knowledge of common issues and best practice

To collaborate with the National Major Trauma & Burns Clinical Reference Group

To research into topics of high interest for the Rehabilitation Group and those highlighted by National institutions

All NMTRG resources are available free of charge via the NMTRG app.

NMTRG Conference Manchester 2024

We hope you can join us for the first NMTRG Conference in Manchester, June 17-18th at the Pendulum Hotel and Conference Centre. We will be holding a poster competition over the two days and are welcoming abstracts to be submitted for posters.

We have opened submissions to present a poster at the inaugural Multi-disciplinary Developments in Major Trauma and Rehabilitation Conference. We welcome applications from any clinicians or students working and/or studying aspects of management and rehabilitation in major trauma.  This provides a unique opportunity to highlight advances in this field of healthcare and provide an opportunity to network on future collaborative projects. In addition to displaying the poster on the day, electronic copies of the posters can be made available on the NMTRG App.

We welcome submissions showcasing Quality Improvement, Service Evaluation, Service Development, Audit and Research.  

Please note applicants MUST be available to present their work at the conference and submit abstracts by the 17th May 2024.

Applicants will be notified of outcome by the 24th May 2024.

Please download the below document to use as the abstract template

The NMTRG Guidelines:

These guidelines were developed by the NMTRG over a 2-year period from 2020.  Benchmarking data was gathered from multiple major trauma centres participating in the Rehabilitation Group, consensus from major trauma MDT staff working at these sites across the UK were used to develop the most commonly managed injury presentations in the major trauma centres. 


Each guideline has been peer reviewed by at least 2 major trauma centres in addition to those writing the guideline and signed off by a quorum of the NMTRG. The aim is for these guidelines to be ratified by the Clinical Reference Group for Major trauma and aim to provide staff working within the major trauma centres and networks with an outline of the knowledge and skills that have been identified by this group. 


It is hoped that these guidelines will help services develop appropriate education programs, monitoring and review systems for the rehabilitation services that support patients who have had injury as a result of a major traumatic event.


For more information about the development please download the free to use app or e-mail or  

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